14 . July . 2010

day 3: God’s word is surprising

day 1: God’s word is true
day 2: God’s word is comforting



captain kate

turning your shirt backward
is all the rage.

we’ve got spirit hair, yes we do;
we’ve got spirit hair, how ’bout you?

post-vbs crafting:
stamps, stamp pads, crayons +
reminiscing stories of the
vbs day.



14 . July . 2010

today we were
very committed
to staying in our pj’s
until after lunch.

even while running errands.

mr. fruitstand in his raincoat.

a guy’s priorities

14 . July . 2010

cory and henry visited the camp nurse
the other morning to see about
some poison ivy h had on his arm.

(the eager cub scouts have been
picking wild raspberries like crazy,
so apparently this poison ivy is a
small price to pay for

as she applied the soothing ointment,
cory began noticing scads
of mosquito bites on henry’s legs.

(no problem: h said they ‘didn’t itch’)

and then c confirmed that she had
henry’s antibiotics lined up
for the ear infection he’s earned
after 2.5 weeks in the swimming pool.


so as they stopped by the tent
on their way to dinner,
cory wasn’t surprised
to hear henry say,
‘wait just a minute, dad,
there’s something i need,’

and he began rifling thru his bag.

(bug spray?
itch-relief cream?
ear drops?)

and h pulls out his
and says,

‘i just need a bit of this
and we’re good to go.’

*he’s only seven forcryingoutloud;
he likes that nathan has it
and recently asked if he could
have some of his own.

vbs prep

14 . July . 2010

a special week
calls for
special measures.

to match their vbs shirts,
por supuesto.

danceparty to the vbs cd.

betsy, honor, lydia + caroline;
the future of the church.

right there in my doorway.

feeling the raindrops
and planning their next game.


the next game was ‘family.’


have thine own way, Lord,
have thine own way;
thou art the potter,
i am the clay.

mold me + make me,
after thy will;
while i am waiting,
yielded and still.