16 . July . 2010

i sometimes resist posting certain
photos + stories
because i think they
reinforce unfortunate stereotypes
of new york.

[i refrained from telling
tell you the story of the
dead body–oy!
they pulled out of the
hudson @ 79th st,
smackdab in the middle of nathan’s
fifth grade graduation lunch party
@ the boat basin.]

but tonight i must indulge.

i saw two
stunninglybeautiful examples of
one of my favorite

trash sculptures.

and i just have to share.

even if they make non-residents
nod your head and mutter,

i knew it was trashy there;
that’s no way to live.

it’s an amazing way to live.
trash + death + all.

the n/r uptown platform

68th + bway

a serious note:
kindly send me snaps of your
favorite trash sculptures.

i love it, i really do.


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