20 . July . 2010

betsy, henry + ezra
build it up.

painting seashells



20 . July . 2010

looking down on our life
from abby + eric’s 20th floor
vantage point.

see our little red house
right in the middle?

ps199 + playground across the street?

thanks to carol + alex
for these calla lilies
i’m loving.

and to abe for most of
our summer’s reading stack:

-john calvin, by b gordon
-francis schaeffer, by c duriez
-jonathan edwards, by g marsden
-lectures on calvinism, by a kuyper


20 . July . 2010

our youngest child
takes off on two wheels.

cory is quite beside himself
with this whole affair;

betsy stopping-and-starting by herself,
betsy making proper skid marks;

hello, grandkids;
you’ve got an eager+willing teacher
just waiting for you, darlings.