thru the boys gate

21 . July . 2010

100th + cpw

henry sends harry-charlie-and-sloan
slow, medium + fast.

thank you, whole foods,
for hosting our tasty, coloring-book-y lunch.


three q’s

21 . July . 2010

in the dawn-to-dusk
run of days
that is
summer with young children,

i find private moments
with scripture

i miss them,
oh, i miss them,
but, unfortunately, my longing doesn’t
translate into
clever action
most of the time

and i simply miss them.

so i’m thankful to carry around
God’s word in my heart

and also
tim’s three helpful little questions
to ask of the scripture,

ask what it says about
1. who God is (adoration),
2. who we are (confession),
3. who Christ is and what he did (supplication).


ps –
a not-to-miss post by tim on prayer:
scraps of thoughts on
daily prayer