timely words

22 . July . 2010

‘conflict with brothers and sisters is a child’s
first class in relationship school.

‘your home is the classroom, you are the teacher,
and honor is the curriculum. each conflict situation
becomes an opportunity for teaching children how to get along.

‘when two children are fighting, call one out of the room
and talk about how to deal with the conflict. teach children
how to confront, ignore, negotiate, compromise,
talk about problems, and be peacemakers.
then send the child back into the situation to try again.
if necessary, call the second child out and give helpful
suggestions before trying again…’

-turansky/miller parenting tip of the day

now, for the wisdom + even-temperament
to implement this guidance as gracefully as
they make it sound.

in the 10+ conflict opportunities (ahem)
that are sure to arise between now + bedtime.

and yay.

talking points cheat sheet:

– confront
– ignore
– negotiate
– compromise
– talk about problems
– be peacemakers

ez + b drawing turtle families

annette was teaching
lyd + bets to draw
3-dimensional cubes.