13.5 hrs

23 . July . 2010

sleeping beauty
didn’t wake up
until 9:20am,
a complete anomaly for a
cory cates family member.

goodmorning, sunshine.
and hello, busterbear.


gastronomic idiot-savant

23 . July . 2010

it was crickets at fairway this morning.

well, it might’ve been 6:01am
but still, it was completely and utterly

go, winsome.

one of The Nicest
f’wy employees ever.

gastronomic idiot-savant.
well played.


emily’s going to send me
a cease-and-desist letter
on the side ponytail
she taught me;
i might be wearing it
every.single.day. this summer.

ps –
henry + caroline are diggin
writing with ease

10 short minutes a day
that we cozy up to the
kitchen table together +
read/write formally-ish.

it is summer after all.

challenge extended

23 . July . 2010

photocredit: henry

eli’s ridiculousawesome magnatile tower
touched the ceiling.

a first for the cates’ house.
we always compete on who can
build the tallest tower, but this
took things to a whole.new.level.

strong work, e!

or, as our pastorfriend ss would say,

hours later, the girls heard the rumor
of said magna-feat
and tried their own hand at it,


the ceiling buster was not to be replicated.

today, at least.

laura jamming.

betsy tambourine-ing.

ps –
the smithsonian thinks ahead:
40 things you need to know about the next 40 yrs.

pps –
my pre-bedtime read last night,
oldschool edith schaeffer;
i might have read parts of it
aloud to henry:

curiouser and curiouser

23 . July . 2010

we slipped away for a
girly tea party at alice’s yesterday;
a premiere way to enjoy a summer afternoon
with sara + three excited little girls.

[think: green apple slices + nutella,
warm pumpkin + buttermilk scones,
banana bread with jam.]

their conversation on the way there:
‘let’s pretend we met eachother
in kindergarten and now
we’re eighteen.’

before tea.

they decided that, for the sake of the tea party,
they would acquire new names:
lyd – katie
caroline – rosabelle
bets – alice. of course.

‘If everybody minded their own business,
the world would go around a great deal
faster than it does.’
the duchess

‘sentence first — verdict afterwards.’
the queen

‘begin at the beginning and go on
till you come to the end: then stop.’
the king