challenge extended

23 . July . 2010

photocredit: henry

eli’s ridiculousawesome magnatile tower
touched the ceiling.

a first for the cates’ house.
we always compete on who can
build the tallest tower, but this
took things to a

strong work, e!

or, as our pastorfriend ss would say,

hours later, the girls heard the rumor
of said magna-feat
and tried their own hand at it,


the ceiling buster was not to be replicated.

today, at least.

laura jamming.

betsy tambourine-ing.

ps –
the smithsonian thinks ahead:
40 things you need to know about the next 40 yrs.

pps –
my pre-bedtime read last night,
oldschool edith schaeffer;
i might have read parts of it
aloud to henry:

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