gastronomic idiot-savant

23 . July . 2010

it was crickets at fairway this morning.

well, it might’ve been 6:01am
but still, it was completely and utterly

go, winsome.

one of The Nicest
f’wy employees ever.

gastronomic idiot-savant.
well played.


emily’s going to send me
a cease-and-desist letter
on the side ponytail
she taught me;
i might be wearing it this summer.

ps –
henry + caroline are diggin
writing with ease

10 short minutes a day
that we cozy up to the
kitchen table together +
read/write formally-ish.

it is summer after all.


One Response to “gastronomic idiot-savant”

  1. Emily Says:

    i lurv the side pony. way to rock it.

    if i remember correctly, you made me give you a regular pony and didn’t think you could rock the side pony.

    keep it up. the 80’s love you.

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