24 . July . 2010

probably if you’re sick
you need popsicles +
goofy games
to keep you entertained.

oh, and of course,
your mom at your
beck + call.


handwriting practice

make your own sheets here.


operation natedog

24 . July . 2010

early morning road trip
to collect our fav nathan
from ten mile river
boy scout camp.

sometimes when it’s early
we get the girls’ dresses

and i don’t notice it until
later when i’m glancing
at the photo.

w83 prayer walk

24 . July . 2010

juliet gives us the rundown:
find a partner (just one),
pray while walking (not too loud, but loud enough for your partner to hear you),
eyes open (safety first),
meet back here in 30 minutes (blondie’s, 79th/amsterdam).

patti prays for us
before we leave.

15 min of normal prayerwalking
(i say ‘normal’ as if i’d done this before,
which i hadn’t.
last night was a first for cory + i.
a really cool first.)

15 min of drenching rain prayerwalking.

the actual building site,

‘unless the LORD builds the house
its builders labor in vain…’
ps 127:1

thank you to all of last night’s organizers;
tell us when+where for the next one.

laid back

24 . July . 2010

michael’s helicopter

we Loved ‘the last airbender’

i’m going to withhold all rational
plot evaluations
and go by this criteria:

1. the kids loved it.
2. popcorn + a/c on a muggy summer morning, done.
3. henry kept leaning over and reading.
the subtitles aloud to the girls,
‘northern water tribe,’ he’d whisper earnestly.
4. a flying lemur?! i want one.
5. beautiful. it was stunning. the way aang mustered
the wall of water in the end but didn’t demolish them.
(mercy instead of punishment? novel.)
6. princess yue’s hair. moondipped. rad.

rainbow-y craft-project-y sprinkle-y snacks
w/ the lighs’ on a friday afternoon.