laid back

24 . July . 2010

michael’s helicopter

we Loved ‘the last airbender’

i’m going to withhold all rational
plot evaluations
and go by this criteria:

1. the kids loved it.
2. popcorn + a/c on a muggy summer morning, done.
3. henry kept leaning over and reading.
the subtitles aloud to the girls,
‘northern water tribe,’ he’d whisper earnestly.
4. a flying lemur?! i want one.
5. beautiful. it was stunning. the way aang mustered
the wall of water in the end but didn’t demolish them.
(mercy instead of punishment? novel.)
6. princess yue’s hair. moondipped. rad.

rainbow-y craft-project-y sprinkle-y snacks
w/ the lighs’ on a friday afternoon.

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