w83 prayer walk

24 . July . 2010

juliet gives us the rundown:
find a partner (just one),
pray while walking (not too loud, but loud enough for your partner to hear you),
eyes open (safety first),
meet back here in 30 minutes (blondie’s, 79th/amsterdam).

patti prays for us
before we leave.

15 min of normal prayerwalking
(i say ‘normal’ as if i’d done this before,
which i hadn’t.
last night was a first for cory + i.
a really cool first.)

15 min of drenching rain prayerwalking.

the actual building site,

‘unless the LORD builds the house
its builders labor in vain…’
ps 127:1

thank you to all of last night’s organizers;
tell us when+where for the next one.


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  1. Rebekah Says:

    Prayer walking is wonderful isn’t it? We did a lot of it in China! And I took a group of students to Chicago for their spring break this year and we prayer walked for 6 days all over Chicgoland!!! They LOVED it. I’ll coming to visit Lisa in October!! Can’t wait to hopefully see you and hug those kiddos!!!

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