fourteen and counting

27 . July . 2010

nineteen years ago february,
i accepted a date with a
handsome seventeen yr old
from a rival high school.


fourteen years ago today
i became mrs. cory james cates,



ps –
hello, memory lane:

married  in kansas city,
1.5wk honeymoon in puerto vallarta,
a week in portland,
a week in colorado
and a road trip to nyc;

a whirlwindy 4 wks after our wedding,
we settled into our 112th + broadway apt,
cory started at columbia,
and we found redeemer
soon afterward;
home, indeed.

finding my way as a wife
finding my way in new york
finding my way in the gospel
are inextricably intertwined,
in the very best way.

senior prom, 1992

kindly excuse the iphone
pictures of the framed
photos on our wall.

we’ve come a long way, baby.


4 Responses to “fourteen and counting”

  1. jennyf Says:

    Happy Anniversary, lovebirds!

  2. morveniona Says:

    Yeah! What an amazing example of married life you give to us all!! Thank you!

  3. paula kaye Says:

    Most beautiful bride and groom EVER. Happy Anniversary from all the Comptons!!!

  4. Karen Says:

    so very sweet! so glad to share in the journey, hopefully, from here to eternity!!

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