13.5 hrs

23 . July . 2010

sleeping beauty
didn’t wake up
until 9:20am,
a complete anomaly for a
cory cates family member.

goodmorning, sunshine.
and hello, busterbear.


gastronomic idiot-savant

23 . July . 2010

it was crickets at fairway this morning.

well, it might’ve been 6:01am
but still, it was completely and utterly

go, winsome.

one of The Nicest
f’wy employees ever.

gastronomic idiot-savant.
well played.


emily’s going to send me
a cease-and-desist letter
on the side ponytail
she taught me;
i might be wearing it
every.single.day. this summer.

ps –
henry + caroline are diggin
writing with ease

10 short minutes a day
that we cozy up to the
kitchen table together +
read/write formally-ish.

it is summer after all.

challenge extended

23 . July . 2010

photocredit: henry

eli’s ridiculousawesome magnatile tower
touched the ceiling.

a first for the cates’ house.
we always compete on who can
build the tallest tower, but this
took things to a whole.new.level.

strong work, e!

or, as our pastorfriend ss would say,

hours later, the girls heard the rumor
of said magna-feat
and tried their own hand at it,


the ceiling buster was not to be replicated.

today, at least.

laura jamming.

betsy tambourine-ing.

ps –
the smithsonian thinks ahead:
40 things you need to know about the next 40 yrs.

pps –
my pre-bedtime read last night,
oldschool edith schaeffer;
i might have read parts of it
aloud to henry:

curiouser and curiouser

23 . July . 2010

we slipped away for a
girly tea party at alice’s yesterday;
a premiere way to enjoy a summer afternoon
with sara + three excited little girls.

[think: green apple slices + nutella,
warm pumpkin + buttermilk scones,
banana bread with jam.]

their conversation on the way there:
‘let’s pretend we met eachother
in kindergarten and now
we’re eighteen.’

before tea.

they decided that, for the sake of the tea party,
they would acquire new names:
lyd – katie
caroline – rosabelle
bets – alice. of course.

‘If everybody minded their own business,
the world would go around a great deal
faster than it does.’
the duchess

‘sentence first — verdict afterwards.’
the queen

‘begin at the beginning and go on
till you come to the end: then stop.’
the king

timely words

22 . July . 2010

‘conflict with brothers and sisters is a child’s
first class in relationship school.

‘your home is the classroom, you are the teacher,
and honor is the curriculum. each conflict situation
becomes an opportunity for teaching children how to get along.

‘when two children are fighting, call one out of the room
and talk about how to deal with the conflict. teach children
how to confront, ignore, negotiate, compromise,
talk about problems, and be peacemakers.
then send the child back into the situation to try again.
if necessary, call the second child out and give helpful
suggestions before trying again…’

-turansky/miller parenting tip of the day

now, for the wisdom + even-temperament
to implement this guidance as gracefully as
they make it sound.

in the 10+ conflict opportunities (ahem)
that are sure to arise between now + bedtime.

and yay.

talking points cheat sheet:

– confront
– ignore
– negotiate
– compromise
– talk about problems
– be peacemakers

ez + b drawing turtle families

annette was teaching
lyd + bets to draw
3-dimensional cubes.

thru the boys gate

21 . July . 2010

100th + cpw

henry sends harry-charlie-and-sloan
slow, medium + fast.

thank you, whole foods,
for hosting our tasty, coloring-book-y lunch.

three q’s

21 . July . 2010

in the dawn-to-dusk
run of days
that is
summer with young children,

i find private moments
with scripture

i miss them,
oh, i miss them,
but, unfortunately, my longing doesn’t
translate into
clever action
most of the time

and i simply miss them.

so i’m thankful to carry around
God’s word in my heart

and also
tim’s three helpful little questions
to ask of the scripture,

ask what it says about
1. who God is (adoration),
2. who we are (confession),
3. who Christ is and what he did (supplication).


ps –
a not-to-miss post by tim on prayer:
scraps of thoughts on
daily prayer