amber waves of grain

31 . August . 2010

i carry a heart full of
colorado beauty
back with me
as i prepare to (reluctantly-ish) head back to
the urban beauty
i love so.

[and esp one 6’4″ dark head of beauty
that i’m desperate for a cool drink of…]

early evening, hwy 34

twilight clouds, en route to denver

dawn, snow mountain ranch

continental divide

dawn, greeley

overcast afternoon, rocky mtn national park

sunset, winter park, co

afternoon, granby, co



31 . August . 2010

last night on holiday
calls for some serious

aka. our annual
chuck e cheese

hen hits the racing games,
nathan hunts,
bets rides the car w mr. cheese himself,
caroline plays for fun and
gives her tickets away
dad tries (in vain) to keep up
w/ me at skee ball,
and I keep egging him on
for round after round,
and mom doles out the tokens
so she can hear all of the fun stories
(with her leg cast
oh-so-gently propped up
beside her,
what a trooper).

5 tokens at a time,
dropped in your hand,
and then they race breathlessly back
to regale her w tales of
whac-a-mole prowess
while receiving their next
jingly-handful of cheesy game currency.


until next year…

i *dig* the
photo booth
have been known to give
free tokens to children who
will sit for a photo with
their beloved mother.

well, this last one
wasn’t exactly taken tonight,
but i love this photo
of my (late) grandpa freiheit.

photo-booth-ish, indeed.

embrace the fountain

31 . August . 2010

shall we?

why, yes sister,
we shall!

to be sure,
i took my shoes off, too,
and sat in the grass
to complete the

unlike them,
i politely declined
the fountain’s call,

byo banjo

31 . August . 2010

yes, love,
he’s playing a string + a tub.

i believe the precise title
of their musical selection was,
‘git-along, honey, git-along home’

nannies + billies

31 . August . 2010

and the occasional tortoise or mule.

estes park, co

sorry, buddy,
she was quite adamant
that no one have seconds
until all had been served.

high flying

31 . August . 2010

elev. 10,500-ish heavenly feet

grassy siestas

31 . August . 2010

what are we going to do
when we have to go back to the
Real World?