nathan’s steady hand

2 . August . 2010

tonight’s card game;
well done, grandma.

[the girls were asleep
and cory + jacob are out playing
tennis w/ danny + stacy,
and henry was amusing our
card-playing foursome with
drawings of ‘heroes’ and ‘villians’]

ps –
we spent the day at the waterpark
waterslides + wavepools
were the order of the day.

and 101 degree heat.

aye yay yay.



2 . August . 2010

in grandma’s fancy tub

it was all cates’
as far as the eye
could see.

raucous stories +
delicious food,
sounds like the cates fam.

great grandpa’s garden

2 . August . 2010

we love you, great-grandpa + marjorie.