5 . August . 2010

when the girls saw my 4H pin/ribbon necklace,
they flipped.


but of course.

so we popped down the hill
and secured them their own
4H pins + ribbon necklaces.

[‘second’ and ‘fourth’ places, respectively]

settling with parker + beth

rest time movie:
‘it’s a mad mad mad mad world’


downtown parkville

5 . August . 2010

while the kiddos swim
w gma + gpa

we’re drinking in
the hms beagle
(think: science emporium)
the artists gallery
the parkville coffeehouse
for caffee gelatte and a
salami+brie sandwich.

favorite bits of our loot include:

-a ‘sixth place’ 4H pin
(modifying it as a necklace charm? sweet.)

– an all-weather log book for n

– assorted books on rocks + butterflies

– a set of 3 nesting bowls (spice size)
made by the gentle potter who
sold them to us.

– personalized snow globe keychains
for the girls (think: fab kitch)

my handsome companion

the inferno warrior

5 . August . 2010

drafting the cover page
for his current fiction writings.

which go something like this.

‘chapter 1:  greg

‘it was five’o clock and greg  was almost done with karate class.
he was the first in his class to reach the grade of black belt.
this wasn’t hard to be when most of his class mates were blue belts.

“dismissed!” yelled the sensei, bowing to his students as they walked
out of the door, grabbing back packs off the shelves and pulling on their shoes.

‘greg walked out, grabbed his jacket then slung his backpack over his shoulder
and headed out the door and onto the streets of steamy New York.
he was thirteen years old with light brown hair and dark brown eyes.
people said he looked like his father but he could never see it in himself.

‘he moved quickly down the street, turning the corner on 72nd street
and walked into his lobby, hitting floor fifteen as he stepped into the elevator.
he waited for a minute, looking at the shining elevator interior and
listening to the elevator music . turning  the doorknob…’

butterfly hunt

5 . August . 2010