15 . August . 2010





so far, this water-soaked trip,
we’ve hit 4 different waterslides/waterparks:
1. the y in parkville, mo
2. schlitterbahn’s, ks
3. kenwood cove, ks
4. family funplex, co

and we’ve got our eye on
two more:
the centennial pool +
water world.


ps –
the tsunami swirl slide
at kenwood cove is the
thing dreams are made of.

can’t wait to go back next year.

and ryan + charis told us
water world has a
[wait for it]
tsunami swirl slide.

someone else is coming down that
sucker opposite you?!


holiday sunday, no. 3

15 . August . 2010

we made it back from our
2.5 hr roundtrip to DIA
with five minutes to spare
before church.

and after my double curb-check*
in the church parking lot,
we sprinted for our happy classes.

thanks, gwc + ms. nancy + crew.

and when we arrived home,
nathan quickly groovesharked
a song he heard
in route 56
(aka. middle school youth group)

and we’re rocking out
to someone i grew up with, too,

steven curtis chapman.


‘i’m diving in, i’m going deep in over
my head, I want to be
caught in the rush, lost in the flow,
in over my head, I want to go
the river’s deep, the river’s wide,
the river’s water is alive
so sink or swim, I’m diving in’

ps –
q. how incredibly special is the
buckingham family?

a. incredibly.

mr. clay greeted us in the hallway,
abby + amy were betsy’s teachers,
uncle ron was caroline’s teacher +
ms. nancy led the large group time
(and i saw em with her class –
4th grade, i think)

you angels, you.

we’re looking forward to
two more sundays with you guys.

pps –
cory just landed. a wee bit early.
and if everything lines up,
he gets to go Home.


to the redeemer 5pm service, that is.

home, indeed.

come on, m60.
come on, 2/3 train.

arriba! andale!

*re: the double curb-check,

have you seen daddy’s truck?

think: chevy silverado extended cab
with that big diesel engine?

i need a double-espresso and
an empty soccer field to turn it around
let alone trying to park it tidily
in the [packed out] church parking lot.

we’re off to scoop up em +
hit the waterslides @ the funplex

and then mom + dad fly back in tonight
and katie + gracie arrive tomorrow.

double yessssss.



15 . August . 2010

how generous of the Lord
to give us
with cory.

and now we send our
beloved dr. cates back to
Real World,
and to the city we love,

while we enjoy another
2.5 wks of beautiful colorado
and it’s equally beautiful
[and oh-so-hospitable] people.

xoxo, sweets.

ps –
for those who were worried,
‘operation carpet schlep’
was a roaring success.

you see,
on almost our first day of this blessed vacation,
i happened upon
The Perfect Rug
(or if not perfect, a Highly Suitable + Unique Rug)
for our living room.

and i think we pulled it off.


cory’s lg duffell = a ‘carpet bag’ of a different sort.

who needs a very-happy
orange-swirly round rug
to complete your apartment’s decor
as i happen to know
of one that’s available.