elev 11,916 feet

21 . August . 2010

rocky mtn nat’l park

continental divide

this time we took
old fall river trail
to the top;
ridiculous[ly awesome] switchbacks.



ps –
woodchuck extravaganza
two monarch elk
w stunning racks.

so far.


aunt katie + gracie

21 . August . 2010

katie + gracie flew out this morning;
what a blur of a week.

swimming, playing, swimming, playing;
you know the drill.

[and a few card games in there,
but we won’t mention scores here.
let’s just say katie’s strategy is
‘go big or go home.’]

waiting for them to arrive

a flurry of girly activity

(and nathan in handcuffs?)

katie’s lovely sister, beth, and
her sweetie addie.

(beth was my college roommate;
small world?)

betsy + caroline were
riding the joke hard,
‘we just made a Plain. White. Cake.
nothing fancy.
just plain white.’

and of course,
when we cut into it,
the juvenile joke was up.

voila – rainbow.

will we ever make plain cakes again?
i think not.
the rainbow is just too jolly to pass up.

prepping for papa’s new fence

gentle neighbor ryan +
his cutiepie, b.

bringing papa water
while he worked
was a special job.

i scream, you scream…

ps –
sorry you missed all of the fun, scott + cory.
too bad you guys have Real Jobs.