22 . August . 2010

pawnee national grasslands

here’s what they fired:

a .22 revolver,
a .357 magnum revolver,
a .22 lever-action rifle,
a .20 gauge over/under.

talk about kick.

we’re not in new york anymore, toto.

prairie horn toad

daddy remembers when he was 3 or 4yrs old,
and on his way out to the mailbox
[about 1/4 mile from house to mailbox]
he’d catch a few of these guys
and after he took out the mail,
he’d stick the little sprites in there
to surprise the mailman.

he figures he owes that
mailman an apology.


holiday sunday, no. 4

22 . August . 2010

we love you, cory.

our after-church ritual:
doughnuts + coffee
near the church
and a table for seven, outside.