rip it, zip it

26 . August . 2010


the buzzer at the top

26 . August . 2010

three of the four
made it to the top
(a first for c)
and rang the
Buzzer O’ Victory.

betsy made it into the harness,
but shyed away by the
first stretch.

maybe next year, love.


the ol’ flippy-flippy

26 . August . 2010

henry achieve the
Feat O’ The Day:
a triple-backflip.

doubles, ho hum.
a triple?

a first.
for us.

b did her first backflip ever,
but i was cheering too loudly
to snap a photo for cory.

welldone, littleone.

mom also did her
First Flip
[congrats + great form]
now, why can’t i find the photo?

alpine slide

26 . August . 2010

colorado’s longest alpine slide
3,030 ft*
26 linked turns

and betsy never hits the brake.
she, in fact, accelerates into the turns.

i tried tried tried to catch her
and never once achieved it.

my safety-sense got the better of me
and insisted i hit the brake into
at least of three of the jarring turns.

grammy + henry

3 of the 7 of us
visited the first aid station
with slide burns**
on arms + hands.

name those three.

visitor no. 1

visitor no. 2

when the intense sun ducked
behind the billowy cloud
even for a moment,

*in length.
what distance in descent, i wonder?
it sure feels quite
when you’re on that little yellow sled
speeding on down.

**if your sweetskin
makes contact w/ the
concrete slide
at top speed,
sayonara, fair complexion.
hello, slideburn.

trust me,
you don’t want to hear the story
about daddy flipping over on his slide.

remind me not to mention it.

it still makes my stomach churn.

ps –
visitor no. 3?