31 . August . 2010

last night on holiday
calls for some serious

aka. our annual
chuck e cheese

hen hits the racing games,
nathan hunts,
bets rides the car w mr. cheese himself,
caroline plays for fun and
gives her tickets away
dad tries (in vain) to keep up
w/ me at skee ball,
and I keep egging him on
for round after round,
and mom doles out the tokens
so she can hear all of the fun stories
(with her leg cast
oh-so-gently propped up
beside her,
what a trooper).

5 tokens at a time,
dropped in your hand,
and then they race breathlessly back
to regale her w tales of
whac-a-mole prowess
while receiving their next
jingly-handful of cheesy game currency.


until next year…

i *dig* the
photo booth
have been known to give
free tokens to children who
will sit for a photo with
their beloved mother.

well, this last one
wasn’t exactly taken tonight,
but i love this photo
of my (late) grandpa freiheit.

photo-booth-ish, indeed.

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