playing footsie

31 . August . 2010

as in,
she won’t be playing footsie
anytime soon
as she had some major
oot-fay urgery-say
the other day.

and let me tell you,
my stomach was in
flippy knots
the 3+ hrs she was under,
i do not like anesthesia
on my loved ones.

all is well +
the healing is off to
a running start +
she is a model patient +
caroline is the best nurse around.

henry has a captive audience
to teach his guitar skills to.

the girls knew *just*
what she needed
to have waiting when
she came home from the hospital:

of course.

they might say
‘happy birthday’

but we’re pretending they say,
‘happy recovery’


lazy summer lunches

31 . August . 2010

‘the true confessions of charlotte doyle’

mountain reunion

31 . August . 2010

one of the best parts of
our mountain holiday
is always:

the smith’s
the kurtz’s

we had to tear ourselves away
at the end of tonight,
we could’ve danced all night, friends.

thank you…

gretchen + charis,
my denver girls.

though they’ll always be
new york girls.

before we know it,
they’ll be packing for college.

ahna, caroline c, caroline k, andrew, henry, katie + betsy;

ps –
henry to cory
(on the phone)
on our drive home from
denver to greeley
after such the sweetest evening,
raving about gretchen’s
mad culinary abilities:

‘with great cooking skills
comes great responsibility.’

and I esp relished him
saying this line:

‘we had a great time

fresh mountain air

30 . August . 2010

nathan, last man standing

tabernash, co

a veryspecial flashback

30 . August . 2010

we loved every minute with
my grandma + aunt kathleen,
as well as aunt letha
and lowell + robin.

thanks, guys.

we love you.

it was the first time the kids
came to clay center to see
grandma’s house
(usually we meet at aunt kat’s in salina).

it’s such a special home
as grandma + grandpa lived there
for as long as i can remember.

and her brother + sisters and
their children +
grandchildren +
great grandchildren
live(d) nearby.

so bringing the kids to clay center +
letting them explore the house
(fabulous closets full of superinteresting things,
grandpa’s boxing bag down in the basement,
the dart board, the dolls heather + i spent hours with,
best of all,
showing the girls the little
air vent from the upstairs bathroom
that if you lay on the floor + put your ear to it,
you can hear into the kitchen
and listen in on the ‘adult’ conversation
of the ladies who are washing dishes.

scandalous, i know.)

my grandma is incredibly special;
her radiant faith in the Lord Jesus
and in his grace + mercy
is melting.

seeing her was wonderful,
and leaving her was very hard.

very hard.

she’s beautiful.
and i love her.
and she turns 96 in october.

and she still lives in her own home,
which she reminded me
is a generous gift from God
to let her do so.

i love you, grandma.

the boys said their bible verses for grandma
and the girls sang a vbs song.

i remember saying bible verses +
singing songs for grandma + grandpa.

and h+j did that cool
books of the o.t. rap.

remember that?

ps –
i wish i had
a clock like this one of

could be especially helpful
in those foggy mother-of-a-newborn months, no?

horses in the mountains

30 . August . 2010

ps –
when daddy was young,
his older sister(s) would
ride their horse to school
(think: one room schoolhouse)
in the mornings.

upon arriving,
they would hook the reins over the
saddle horn,

the horse would trot home
(think: 2+ miles)

where my grandma harris would gently collect
said horse and put him into the barn/corral,

and just before school was out,
she’d reverse the process +
send him on his way
to retrieve the tired schoolchildren.


rip it, zip it

26 . August . 2010