prayer for my children

30 . September . 2010

ever grateful for phone time
with the wise scott turansky,

here’s one snippet from
last night’s conversation
(aka. counseling):

the third strategy in a good
action plan
for a child,
a plan to take him from point A
(problem situation)
to point B
(in his heart, developing the heart qualities necessary
to be successful in life) is,

every morning when you get up + you pray:

1. pray for (child).
pray that God will change his heart +
equip him with the ability to
(insert desired heart quality,
ex: be sensitive of others +
have self control).
pray for the fruit of the spirit in his life,
a spiritual resource he can draw upon to import
self-control and self-awareness.

2. pray for yourself.
pray that i can manage my day
especially as i help (child).

3. pray that God will bring specific opportunities
for me to have relationship with (child).
relationship allows truths
to be passed from one person to another.

4. pray for light bulb moments.
that he will ‘get it’.
that it will come together + he will realize he’s
(insert situation you’re trying to correct,
ex: being silly at an inappropriate time or
not listening to directions) + take steps to change.

the line-up outside
betsy’s classroom
this [sloshy] afternoon.



29 . September . 2010

bye, mom! and also with you!’
nathan called out as he
headed toward the front
door this morning,
knowing i was up to my elbows
in girls hairdos,

jokingly preempting my,
may the Lord be with you
simply jumping to
‘and also with you

loveable turkey.

make way for cates-lings

last-minute before-school free reading.

after-school limbo.

henry goes rogue +
jumps over the limbostick.

oh, christa lou, we love you.

ps –
2011 michelin guide for restaurants $40 or less

leading in brokenness

29 . September . 2010

a fellow christian parent @ our school
asked me this morning
how i think about ministry within our
public school community,

so i let her in on my
dirty secret:

i try  to lead with my brokenness.

to let my school neighbors
see me make mistakes and be embarassed,

to quickly admit my weaknesses,

to be in need of their help and

to be candid about my

because otherwise that
smoke-and-mirror false-assumption
creeps in and
people assume other people
don’t have any problems,
things aren’t painful for ‘them,’

only for ‘me’.

so i have to show them quickly,

that i am what i am
because the God of the universe
gave himself for me.

humbled himself.

became truly broken
so i will never be.

and that because of his
tremendous mercy,
and nothing of myself or my efforts,
i press on into this
life that is so awesomely
out of my control.

it doesn’t feel good.

it certainly isn’t  the glamorous or sexy or put-together approach.

but it is

and in my own home,
in private,
i beg God on a regular basis
to give me the courage to
help me truly
with my brokenness.

because when we take our brokenness
to the foot of the cross,

we receive beauty for ashes,
comfort for mourning,
anthems of joy
in place of songs
of loud despairing.

only 3 more hours until i head over to
the playground for yet another
school pick-up.

do pray that i’ll
be willing to be
my ridiculously-flawed self.

marvelous monday

27 . September . 2010

while our sisters tapped,
julia, hen + isabel
very sweetly did their homework
at bombolini.

can you say
‘2 raspberry, 1 nutella, + a coffee for the adult, please?’

what’s a bombolini?
a ‘big bomb’
aka an italian donut.

you want to go to there.

60 citywrites cards
drawn + ready for a 2pm messenger?


after tim’s talk on
‘a church with an evangelistic dynamic,’

a q+a moderated by the spectacular mrs. alsdorf,
asking the four newly-minted lead pastors,

-what has shaped your heart for evangelism?
-share about an evangelistic dialogue you’ve had/are having.

grateful for abe’s service in fg’s
excited about his new role in establishing
neighborhood groups as the groundwork
for the four new congregations.

yay, abe.
go, team.

mom’s group dessert @ merritt’s;

ps –
one of my favorite things
about leo joining the
pastoral team is his statement
in the pastor’s video to the
effect of his being a
‘deeply flawed + broken’ person.

we can be friends.

change can be good

27 . September . 2010

before this school year,
everyone left at the same time, 8:28am
to make the 8:30am drop-off at
school across the street.

since nathan leaves early this year
[7:50am] to trek to school,

we’ve found a new spot of time
with the younger kids
for read alouds.

last week, i read the hundred dresses.
this week, cory’s hitting the family under the bridge.

i resist change (who doesn’t?)
but this newfound bit o’ special time
is a welcome one.

acting out genesis 11
with magna tiles?


[you can’t give someone a ‘brick’
until they say ‘may i please have a brick?’
passing the ‘bricks’
from the back patio
to the living room rug
in a make-shift assembly line.

and they were so proud
that they could accomplish so much
on their own without the Lord’s help,

but after 3x of rotating positions +
successfully building the tower,

‘the Lord’ comes down and
‘confuses’ their speech,
they each were assigned different ‘languages’
like, ‘me-me-me’ and ‘baa-baa-baa’
and ‘bumpity-bump-bump’
so the building ground to a complete halt
once they couldn’t understand eachother’s language
and they all went away sad.

well, ‘sad’ until we played
yet another round of
‘tower o’ babel’.

sin is usually fun, right?]

snack prep

the body of christ [hard] at work

26 . September . 2010

did i mention that while
cory was away,

a longtime friend with
two young children of her own
and one on the way


when i should be bringing
her a meal,
she was [as usual for her]
thinking of others
above herself.

thank you, lovey m,
for the chicken soup for my soul.

ps –
betsy like it so much
she declared she wanted
it in her lunch box
‘Every Day From Now On’.

a tall order, indeed.