shiny saturday

7 . November . 2010

luckily, i only have to climb
a single flight of these
[spectacular ansonia] stairs
to get to my fav ww mtg.

leader lisa is da bomb.

chilly saturday morning on pier 70
on the hudson river.

warming up for our
school walk-a-thon.

go, ps199.

coach regan leads us in
stretches to the rocky soundtrack.

my volunteer job @
the school fair at the end of the walkathon –
the moonwalk.

watching all of those
ecstatic faces as they
slid down the final leg
of that big bouncy blowing brilliancy,

heading out for a saturday evening
with my boyfriend +
church friends.

if only i’d known he was
making the universal
sign behind my head,
i could’ve obliged.

the beautiful,
the brave…

my coziest green scarf
from p when they were
in new zealand this summer,

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