he doeth all things well

28 . December . 2010

all the way my savior leads me
what have I to ask beside?
can I doubt his tender mercy
who through life has been my guide?

heavenly peace, divinest comfort
here by faith in him to dwell
for I know whate’er befall me
Jesus doeth all things well.

-fanny crosby


catesy christmas

26 . December . 2010

coal avoided

26 . December . 2010

silly daddy

jacob teaching us
naval academy pushups:
push ups.

o.y. oy!

by candelight

26 . December . 2010

heading out for the christmas eve
candlelight serviceĀ  @
the cates’ church,
parkville, missouri

white christmas

24 . December . 2010

the girls keep requesting
‘everything’s up to date in
kansas city’
on repeat play

c totally choked up in
the last chapter of
‘best chr pag’
as expected

the snow is glorious

just turned on ‘prince caspian’
which will take us all the
way to the cates’ doorstep

we’re almost there…

home for christmas

24 . December . 2010

new york
new jersey
west virginia

we’re two hrs from finished,

playlist right now includes:
jay z
jars of clay
jonathan wraight
dolly parton
michael jackson
jack johnson
led zep
so on.

rad cup of truckstop coffee
at the last joint.

read alouds:
the true thief, wm steig
the best chrismas pageant ever, b robinson

star trek, the wrath of khan

happy christmas eve.

good morning, union square

22 . December . 2010

i hopped on the train
with cory + faithy this morning;
a splendid start to the
brisk day.

i scooped up a small armload
of these for our family christmas
snuggle+present-fest tonight.

[roadtrip tomorrow]

i’d like the second-from-the-bottom, please;
surprise me.

christmas with the cho’s + dan
last night.

ho ho ho