on Big Things disguised as little things

5 . January . 2011

it’s the little things that
really are the Big Things.

like having carrielove + corycates
with me at school pick up.

Best. Day. Ever.

xo, guys.

sometimes my love of efficiency
overrides my common sense
and my fingers smart
for the next few days.

included in those
benign looking bags:
2 gallons of milk.
2 dozen eggs (aka. frah-gee-lay, they must be italian)
a big ol’ jug o’ laundry soap.
a tub of vanilla ice cream.
+ more

ps – the reason they’re
sitting on the snowy sidewalk
in front of starbucks?

it was my 2nd rest stop
to set down the bags
and look around for a friendly face.

[you’d be surprised how often
scotthinzman or my neighbor, daryle,
happen to walk by and rescue me
by sharing the load.
merci, guys.]


2 Responses to “on Big Things disguised as little things”

  1. laurel sauls Says:

    Yowza!! That’s quite the haul! I hope you didn’t have far to go!

  2. carol c. Says:

    welcome home! you need a cart or one of these…http://www.hookandgo.com/shop.php (pricey? weird?)
    i used to buy 4 gallons of milk from whole foods at columbus circle and carry it home with other stuff… then i got some sense. see you saturday?

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