north sea vs. nyc

8 . January . 2011

on the beach @ sunrise,
morven took this from their
bedroom window.

i’m living vicariously
through them.

breathe in,
breathe out.

smell that cold, salty, scottish air.

back in snowy nyc,

hot choc on tap

drawing plans
[they started drawing on the ipad,
deemed it too difficult
and swapped it for
pencil + paper @ the table.]

kramers yard on left,
c + b in the front line,
n + h bringing up the rear
behind ice shields.

implementing said plan.

ps –
open letter to self:

pleaseprettyplease find camera adapter
for photo card;
lisa’s. wedding. photos. !!

pps –
did you see the front page
of the review section this morning?

why chinese mothers are superior

interesting. very interesting.

when i see you,
i’m going to ask you if
you’ve read it +
we’ll discuss.

my first read+discuss victim companion?

3 Responses to “north sea vs. nyc”

  1. Karen Says:

    just read it. very, very interesting. There is good and bad in every culture! we are all created in God’s image and also fallen.

  2. Meghan Says:

    i want to go to there! (moven and jonathan’s beach)

  3. carol c. Says:

    the WSJ article has been forwarded to me 5 times by different people from different parts of my life! alex and i have discussed it every night. wondering what daily life could possibly be like to make it tolerable for those girls. certainly not Godly standards of success. an excellent publicity stunt for her book coming out at the end of the week. almost 3000 posts on! she ain’t no dummy.

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