it’s blizzard time

11 . January . 2011

we’re going to sleep
with our fingers-crossed
but things are looking
out there
for a snow day tomorrow.

come on, winter sky,
you can do it.

b grated all of the cheese
for dinner by herself.

tacos a la betsy.

and as caroline gently
played her piano pieces,
i quietly pulled my trusty-dusty
‘the educated child’
off her top shelf
and reread ch. 10
from start to finish,
a whispered pep talk
to my mother-of-a-sixth-grade-boy’s heart.

[‘helping your child succeed in school’
which includes teaching good study habits,
helping your child with homework,
staying on top of hwk, etc.
thanks, mr. bennett]


bits of monday

11 . January . 2011

meg’s first time in muji;
her life is changed forever.

mast bros. choc
in dean + deluca,
a treat to eye + tongue.

up to our elbows in
character qualities charts;
thanks, megsy.

5 stars for lands end customer service:

apparently, betsy’s pockets were full
in the coat with the broken zipper
we returned (and they replaced)
so they kindly mailed back her loot:
2 princess necklaces +
2 pairs of girly gloves.

praying for the newly appointed
associate pastors at

scott, david, john + leo.