12 . January . 2011

hudson river, here we come.


we really hope to stop
before the big pylons.

kristel + carter flew.
great driving, mama!

h + i
before our first run.

we almost made it to the fence.


hen + wilson
[who are currently
in the back yard
with ethan,
making mounds of
snowballs to aim
@ the kramers…]

winter romance.

ps –
the time betsy + i
raced nathan + henry
she ended up with a
face-full of snow and
probably silently vowed
only to ride shotgun
with daddy
from now on.

sorry, lovey;
i don’t have mad steering skills.




12 . January . 2011

thanks, anne, for the warm
nod my direction.

her clever signature style blog

on mercy

12 . January . 2011

[picture janice on the guitar
leading us in this song
in worship this morning @ mom’s grp]

though storms of strife assail me without warning
and though they try to steal my joy away
i will find rest in knowing You have saved me
precious Jesus, Rock of my salvation

though times i stumble and fall short of your standard
i rest assured there is love enough for me
for i find strength in knowing You have saved me
precious Jesus, Rock of my salvation

oh, my Jesus, Rock of my salvation
who bore the weight of calvary’s wood and shame
and cleansed my sin in the crimson flow of mercy
precious Jesus, Rock of my salvation.

pretty trashy

12 . January . 2011

local trash cans at
the height of their beauty.

sweet frozen vapor, batman

12 . January . 2011

the last minutes of snow play
before school.

she’s been dying to go out back
since before 5am,
so at 5:31 we pull on our boots
for a starbucks-run adventure.

and here’s the amazing [sad-for-us] news:
the school sidewalk and playground

a man on a bobcat,
2 people on snowblowers,
several people enthusiastically shoveling
and that baby looks gorgeous.

sadly so.

the sidestreet sidewalks are a different story,
but the school is ready +
waiting for juvenile business.

thankyou, parks+rec.

playing coffee-fairy for our
sleepy lovies in apt 1B.


an emailed photothankyou from
a 1B lovie.