15 . January . 2011

excited by the valentine’s day
sticker selection in and around
the west side.

horsey time out?

poor guy.

skybridge w/ adam;
thanks, unclescott+auntkatie.

sunny homesweethome.

sweet genius:
a closet with bungee cords
for extra stroller storage
(at a local preschool)

country strong
w/ bn, am + cs –
why did i cry no fewer than 4 times?
i thought i’d be heckling.

thumbs up:
beau. the sparkly star earrings. gwyneth’s necklaces.
the soundtrack (minus gp). fame vs. love.

a whispered suggestion to
future directors of country-western movies:
please consider that a female a country singer
probably should be charismatic-ish?

or at least not painful
to watch her dance?