hello brilliant

20 . January . 2011


four children in school =
embracing the dance of homework time.

miss gracie + miss lucy,
the future of the church.

note to self:
remember this.

after protesting through our
entire piano practice,
he went on to
(1) continue playing for another 15 min
(2) call caroline down to teach her
what he had just worked on.

meg + jen k + i hit the
world premiere of
ijm‘s movie last night
@ [the gorgeous new] alice tully,
not my life’

parts of it were too hard to watch;
i had to remind myself to breathe.

a cozy morning in apt 5L;
merci merci, cs.

i winced when i saw the
white trash bags on the street;
they’ll fine you for those.

trust me, they will.

hope it worked out okay.

yet another piece of
emily’s genius at work:
she replicated the hand-glove things
on the ends of betsy/caroline’s winter coats
in her own winter coat.

hello, brilliant.

i’m dying for her to do it
to my coat, as well.


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