the short list

20 . January . 2011

after our cross country stint
over winter holiday,
we taped a piece of
paper to the kitchen cabinet
and began penciling a
short list
with two columns,
‘here’ and ‘there’

as in, things that are important
‘here’ vs. ‘there’

shoes (no compromise. you walk everywhere.)
bags (no trunk or backseat to toss your purchases in for the schlep home)
outerwear (seriously winter-tight situation required or you’re in tears)
household organization (every square inch counts)

good sunglasses (driving)
confident night driving skills (tres difficile)
ipod play list (for the car)
mad grocery-store-layout skills (otherwise it’s a black hole, no?)

nathan added that ‘here’
people love to complain,
[a favorite pastime, indeed]
so you need awesome
complaining/entitlement/articulation/kvetching skills.

and you should probably
brush up on your yiddish;
oy gevalt.

ps –
a little song for the morning,
from lucy* about her sister, julia:

“and she smacks off her mind
and she flowers in her mind
and all her dreams come truuuuuuue”

very catchy.
love to california. xo

pps –
set your tivo:
our very own louise
will be on the view.
thurs, 1/20


*she’ll be three in february.
i can’t believe it.
it feels like yesterday
our paula was the
epitome of the
radiant pregnant woman.

pregnant p + caroline
circa christmas 2007

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