18 degrees

23 . January . 2011

the moments between
6:41pm and 8:23pm*
on thursday evening
were splendid.

a wintry date, as it were.

which in this season of our lives
and our childrens’ ages+stages
is increasingly hard to come by.

so, madprops to meg!
for manning the fort
so we could slip out
and frolic about in the
wintry mix
enjoy being together.

when our children walk into
the louvre for the first time,
will they exclaim,
‘it’s like the mac store!’

unfortunate but inevitable?


dreadful etiquette,
i’m afraid:

at the end of our wintry romantic walkabout
we stopped for a treat,
but because of the extremely cold temp,
every place was packed.

so we took advantage of our
friendly sandwich makers’ hospitality
and enjoyed our coffee/yogurt
in the [empty-of-patrons] subway shoppe.

thanks, guys.

*c’s basketball is at 8:30pm,
we’re not silly enough to
miss that chance to run
up and down the court with
neighborhood + redeemer guys.

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