491,730 + 27

23 . January . 2011

that’s right,
we raised the population
of staten island
by a strong 27
this weekend
for our city seminary
ministry fellows retreat.

to seek the peace of the city.


so good to see that
savvy, grown adults
make as much of a mess
with crafts projects
as children.

bananagrams, of course.

and melissa taught us
cannibal scrabble;
get your brain on.

special thanks to pastor ka and tommy @
staten isl chinese christian church
for their warm welcome +
introduction to their church
and community.

the curious trails of this
particular [freezing-wind] prayerwalk.

one text we’ve been
working through,
when the kings come marching in
by richard mouw

my first time on
the verrazano-narrows;
huge thanks to
our minnow for
the sweetride back to nyc.

nyc reentry

world trade center site

what’s a girl to do?

mp dropped us off at
the 1 station on west 4th st,
at the glowing doorstep of
greenwich letter press

we couldn’t not go in.
i mean,
it’s only one of my favorite
spots in town.

the rad lizzie allen wallpaper.

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