24 . January . 2011

for the children’s
before we all bundle up
and walk to church.

pink tops + black bottoms = practically twins, lyd + i.

hiphiphooray + heartfelt thanks to
for coming in from boston
to be cory’s wingman
so i could go to the retreat
this wknd;
sledding, movies, basketball, francesco’s pizza –
you represented this wknd.

thanks, j.

ps –
did. you. hear. rozz?!
@ the evening west side services?!

hear my cry, oh Lord
attend unto my earnest prayer
rescue me, Lord Jesus
and take away my every fear

hear my cry, oh Lord
give ear unto my earnest prayer
strengthen me King Jesus
Holy Spirit draw me near


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  1. jennyf Says:

    Mer and I think you’re so pretty. (:

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