snowy r+r

28 . January . 2011

stockpiling ammunition

henry’s favorite pastime

we packed both sets of stairs
with snow for the ramp/slide effect
and then the boys stood on the
sleds (see where E is?) and
surfed down,

or sl(ed)urfed, as it were.

the ipad + a splitter = love

making ‘little engine that could’
storyboard + puppets



jane, bets, lyd, checed, karis, erenei + caroline
enjoy a little ‘toy story 3’
after rounds of backyard snowplay.

and can i tell you about
ava’s famous carnita-tacos for lunch?

tortillas, succulent mexican roasted meat, + cheese,

henry: these are amazing
ava: oh, they’re easy, sweetie.
henry: you should tell us all your secrets, then,
’cause this is awesome.

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