on generosity of spirit

31 . January . 2011

tom has it in spades.


we’re smitten.


the morning’s words

31 . January . 2011

if you look at people they will either look
at you or away from you.

but if you look at the sky,
usually they will look to see what you are looking at.

more is caught than taught.

-polly berends, gently lead
via cjl’s dad; thankyou.


and tim’s ending words from
last night’s sermon are
hanging in the air of my heart,

‘look to the Jesus
who spent his final moments
on the cross
for his


and jonathan read the
morning’s scripture,
psalm 116

v 7, return to your rest, my soul,
for the LORD has been good to you.


and from little bee
just before bedtime
last night,

‘…because now she held the
telephone receiver in her own hand.
she was whispering into it
in some language that sounded like
butterflies drowning in honey.

good morning, san diego!