on heaven

4 . February . 2011

one of our assignments for last night’s class
was to respond to richard mouw’s book,
when the kings come marching in,
with either a written paper or
make a creative project
of some sort.

[you’ll be shocked at what i chose.]

i chose
‘it started in a garden
but it will end in a city’
as my theme

and decided to fill my
existing real-life city,
the places + neighborhoods i love,
with concepts that will fill
the New City.

the city where we will build + dwell,
we will plant + reap,
there will be unity + fulfillment,
commerce + creation,
the lamb + the lion mingling together.

and Christ will be her center.

a special thankyou to my collaborative partner,
morven iona wraight.

and mad props to ork posters
for their original design
which has been hanging in
our living room for several years now.


a whirlwind of awesomeness

4 . February . 2011

banana peel hot chocolate
@ city bakery;
four thumbs up from us.

angel snugglyboy.

print icon letterpress

morv’s famous homemade pizzas
with jono’s famous homemade sauce;

last minutes before school.

j is a gamer.

whether it’s a formal game
or 100 informal ones
that he thinks up on the spot,
life is far from dull
when the good dr. wraight
is around.


the future of the church:
tom, gabriel, kathryn + lucy

you’re never going to believe
i took that myself;
meg, morv, tom, sara + i

the girls were in heaven.

an afterschool moment:
m + j + t,
josh + henry,
meg + sara + lu,
caroline + lily.

a stolen starbucks moment
before fellowship group;

and how awesome was fg?
psalm 139.

after years of fg study with morv,
it feels like home
to study + worship with her.

the questions she asks,
the way she thinks about +
engages the scripture
and the group,
her eye for hospitality + meeting the needs of others;

i long for her fellowship on a regular basis.

a visit is a gift – a complete gift from God –
but it is deeply bittersweet, no?


thank you
to all of the mom’s group
study leaders who came the
other evening to talk about
how to engage women in the scriptures.

claire, annie, jenni, ashley,
carrie, laura, jacinda, angie,
stephanie, winnie, betsy, amelia.

hot dog + hooray
for God’s work
here in nyc.

hooray for baby micah