on heaven

4 . February . 2011

one of our assignments for last night’s class
was to respond to richard mouw’s book,
when the kings come marching in,
with either a written paper or
make a creative project
of some sort.

[you’ll be shocked at what i chose.]

i chose
‘it started in a garden
but it will end in a city’
as my theme

and decided to fill my
existing real-life city,
the places + neighborhoods i love,
with concepts that will fill
the New City.

the city where we will build + dwell,
we will plant + reap,
there will be unity + fulfillment,
commerce + creation,
the lamb + the lion mingling together.

and Christ will be her center.

a special thankyou to my collaborative partner,
morven iona wraight.

and mad props to ork posters
for their original design
which has been hanging in
our living room for several years now.


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  1. Karen Says:

    LOVE it!!

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