5 . February . 2011

holiday afternoon =

we’ve already been to aroma,

enjoyed leisurely conversations over mani-pedi’s,

hit trader joe’s and
are enjoying our first of two
afternoon settler’s games
before picking up the
children from school.

what a holiday friday;

laura + caroline playing with
meghan’s polly pockets from
when she was a little girl.

bunches of love to em
for watching the cates’ kids
so we could enjoy a doubledate
with the wraight’s;
too bad i didn’t check the
planetarium hours before
we sauntered up in on
a freezing cold february night.

plan B was fantastic, though.

the first part of plan B involved
seeing the new church site future auditorium
on west 83rd st;
i can see my spot already.


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  1. Carole Says:

    cool! i didn’t realize the inside work on the church had begun! thanks for the peek

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