ditto morv’s post

7 . February . 2011

massive thankyou’s to
jono + morv
for everything.

the counsel,
the friendship,
cooking abilities,
general cheery + encouraging outlook on life + faith,
where shall i stop?

and hilarious thankyou’s
all around
for arranging
family game day.

2 teams,
7 official games,
2.5+ hrs of laughter;
strong work for one so young!

the games included:

‘what would betsy do?’
tumbleweed (think straws + paper + crawling on the floor)
sensorama (henry about puked at the olive in his mouth)
toilet roll toss
say what you see
old macdonald had a farm
cereal box game (i kept the box lid as a momento)

and then after the dinnertime fun,
we played a few rounds of
celebrity +
join my team.

total blast.

i agree with henry
who teared up at bedtime last night
feeling sad that
they have to leave on wednesday.

let’s not think about that,
shall we?

2 Responses to “ditto morv’s post”

  1. Pappa Jazz Says:

    … but there are the deprived among us who are looking forward to a return to Edinburgh!

  2. Grandma Gospel Says:

    …and I’m tearing up reading the blog!!
    Henry – like Arnold Schwarzenegger – they’ll be back!

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