happy birthday, mrs. wraight

7 . February . 2011

ten years ago,
when we lived on west 118th st,
we had a blt + diet coke party
to celebrate morven’s birthday*.

thanks be to God,
here we are again…

blt’s + diet coke,
a husband + a son,
an ever-growing love for God and others…

thanks be to God for your life, morvy morv.

their dresses + that cake = love

*remember daniel’s improvised kilt?!
you rock, dc.


2 Responses to “happy birthday, mrs. wraight”

  1. Grandma Gospel Says:

    Okay – this blog really does get the tears flowing today!
    Thanking the Lord for the miracle of you all -Wraights and Cates!
    May you all discover, enjoy and be blessed by beautiful, love-shaped gifts from the Lord.

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