on disorientation

17 . February . 2011


1. to cause (someone) to lose his bearings
2. to perplex; to confuse by removing or
obscuring something that has previously guided.


aka. my companion feeling
since betsy started school,
(sad adieu, co-op preschool +
farewell, playgroup overlap with other
mothers i love and whose counsel is
imperative to my life)
since cory’s hours are significantly longer + more demanding,
since my beloved church is changing,
since nathan started 6th grade
(the commute, the homework, the unknown),
and so on.

so, my song for today,
in the ordinariness of this disorientation,
no. 642,

be Thou my vision
O Lord of my heart
naught be all else to me
save that Thou art,

thou my best thought
by day or by night
waking or sleeping,
thy presence my light.

be thou my wisdom
and thou my true word;
i ever with thee and
thou with me, Lord;

thou my great Father,
i thy true son;
thou in me dwelling
and i with thee one.

– ancient irish poem, circa 8th century

photocredits: caroline b. cates

One Response to “on disorientation”

  1. Scott Sauls Says:

    We. Heart. The. Cates.
    With you in all of the above…in every detail.
    All the change is good, hard, good, hard, good, hard, good.

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