25 . February . 2011

‘a city is not the creation of one person
or one developer at one frozen moment in time.
nor should it be.
a city is an evolutionary ever-changing organism.
it has no clear beginning and no clear end.
it has something for everybody, because it was
created by everybody.
the imprint of both powerful leaders and
anonymous residents shape a city.
its character is never permanently defined
and shouldn’t be.
this is not the urban way.
the city, in essence, is adjustable, various, decentralized.’

-roberta brandes gratz, the living city, 315.

one part of last night’s class was
mark’s take on the
‘practices of ministry in the living city’;
i couldn’t keep my pen going fast enough.
and then i wanted to tell cory everything.

ps – what a pleasure to join in the
last part of the neighborhood event
at st. michael’s last night,
to pray for unbelieving friends + neighbors
that they would know the grace + mercy
of Jesus Christ.

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