snips, snails, puppy dog tails

3 . March . 2011

thank you thank you
to mama kramer
for sharing her wisdom + research
on raising boys.

and way-to-go to the fifteen
mom’s who snuggled up
in our living room to
think through the
practical implications and
real-life scenarios we face;

may the Lord protect the young boys of today
give us wisdom and grace and love love love.

oh, and patience.
and humor.

madge’s recommendations:

why gender matters

raising sons + loving it

boys adrift

i keep thinking about
the idea that
it doesn’t feel good
to say ‘no’ to things,
so we need to practice that with them,
to get them comfortable with
feeling uncomfortable.



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  1. Ruthann Formica Says:

    thank you thank you for these recommendations! I have been searching for some good books to gain wisdom on parenting my two little ones. yay….How I miss NYC.

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