on real work

5 . March . 2011

‘mom, it’s not real work
until we start using
the sledgehammer.’

ripped out sheetrock,
round 3

workerman no. 2

(workerman no’s. 1 + 3
still have their goggles on)

we’ve set aside 2 saturdays a month
this spring to start working on
capturing the room underneath
the boys’ room for future use
as part of our apartment.

there’s even the possibility of,
wait for it,
a second bathroom.

crazy talk
for a family of six,
i know.


just before we headed home
from a lovely evening,
laughing over a fancy dinner +
drinking in the stunning storling performance
at the IAM conference,

patti glanced down,
paused and said,
look at my husband’s feet.

and we did.

and we laughed
all the way home.

thanks, friends.

i bet he has another
pair like that at home.

ps –
tim on morning joe.