quiet prayers on a cold morning

9 . March . 2011

prayers for today .

to understand my children,
for God to help them as they’re
in school today,
listening + responding to their teachers
and their peers,
to obey,
to be kind,
to show respect.

for the Lord to release me
from the hunger for

to walk with God today.

to accept the pruning He brings today.

to make me wise.
and help me to give life to others.

grateful for the compassion
he pours out on us.


spray painting our new-to-us stools.

nurturing his sixth grade science project
in the front window;
grow, tomatoes, grow.

give a little nod to them
as you walk by.

we kept caroline home today with
a tolerable-but-lingering cold,
a fabulous excuse to
play ‘guess who’ +
putter through the day together;

she’s currently
on roller skates,
emptying the dishwasher,
singing a spoonful of sugar.

a perfect start
to this already-in-motion day.

so fabulous that our
favorite newlyweds
were down from boston
this wknd;
happy birthday, love.

she takes wish-making + blowing candles seriously.

betsy-cam [bc]

[she took no fewer than 30 photos
of lucylove.
smart photographer,
splendid subject.

the only bummer?
i accidentally confiscated the camera
without letting her get
any fabulous snaps of
sweetie avily.]





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