crown heights, bklyn

14 . March . 2011

pray + break bread
city seminary
12 march 2011

cozily crammed into
greater restoration baptist church
[thanks to pastor bogan]
for a briefing on the history
of the neighborhood,
as home to two of the earliest
free black communities
in the nation, weeksville + carrville,

and learning about of the racial tension + poverty
(27% of families below poverty line)
and urban renewal.

primary communities today are
west indian + hasidic jews.

jenny #2

i love prayerwalkers,
but that one in the middle
is something else.

something. else. altogether.

eddie, our gentle host, nathan + carrie,
walking and praying.

II corinthians 5:14-21

can i tell you i choked. up.
when we hopped out of the
train on 72nd st and
were just a few steps from home
and n paused and said,

‘thanks for taking me, mom’

thanksbetoGod for his work
in this eleven year old
i adore.

other fellows praying
in front of a local govt bldg.

veggie roti,
bust up shut, and

thanks to  glenda + gladys +
the other hardworking cooks who
accommodated 30+ of us on
a quiet saturday afternoon;
finger-lickin’ good.


3 Responses to “crown heights, bklyn”

  1. carol chen Says:

    love this. immediately made me think of Deut 6:4-7.

  2. Emily Says:

    “bust” really?
    weren’t we under the impression it was something… else?

  3. morveniona Says:

    Love it! To see Nathan walking and praying with you well that in itself is an answer to our prayers right?!

    L O V E I T!!

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