19 . March . 2011

photocredit: their handy junior helper, cbc.

another saturday of
breaking up concrete
and hauling it up the stairs,
thru the apt,
and out to the
debris pile–er, backyard.

thank you thank you thank you, cory + nathan. xo

ps –
grateful for tim’s
heart-self-check reminder,
this noontime:

are you anxious?
are you afraid of how you look?
are you getting down on yourself?
are you criticizing other people?
are other people’s criticisms devastating you?
are you looking down on anybody else?

court is adjourned.


One Response to “rubble”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Hi friend!
    Is that your basement they are working on? What do you have in mind for the space??! I am so curious!
    Love you!

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