26 . March . 2011


mrs. b, pbb + spk
warming my living room.

piano girl + boy scout boy
on their way to
a lesson + a wknd camping trip,

i want to hug that picture.

happy valley forge, lovey.

our favorite ms. buck

38 degrees
coatless baseball, anyone?

waiting for dogs @ gray’s papaya

after a successful run to
toy + stationery world
for n’s bday present,
we drew bday love notes
in buttercup.

first time in the new duane reade,

killer view from the 2nd fl

the boys were eating
sandwiches + making up
knock knock jokes
when we got home.

reading ‘how to be a gentleman’
at brooks bros. while waiting for
my handsome mister to try
things on.

i’m so enlightened now.

p gave me Special Permission
to open my bday present early;
we love maisie dobbs.
xo to ca

pretty sam
and his five
personal attendants.

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